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What makes vinyl siding a "Green" product? find out here, plus find out why using vinyl as your cladding option is the most popular one in the world for style, price, and sustainability

Vinyl gives your home lasting beauty!

You'll be proud of the beauty of your home, year after trouble free year. Its value is increased, your heating costs can be reduced, and you'll never again have to paint or spend on costly maintenance.Vinyl siding is the leading exterior cladding material for a variety of reasons, including overall durability and beauty, all at an exceptional value.

Durability - Built to Last
Compared to other exterior sidings, vinyl is impervious to rain, salt, termites, and other insects. It will not rust, peel, scratch, or blister. Vinyl provides unsurpassed strength, with little or no maintenance required.
Beauty - Create a Look All Your Own
With today's vast selection of profiles and colors, vinyl provides the look you want. Whether you're searching for a traditional style or to recreate a bygone era, you will find a look consistent with your needs.

Affordable - Reside and Recoup Your Costs
Residing your home is one of the top remodeling projects. You can rest assured with vinyl siding, you will recoup the cost in a short period of time. Best of all, since vinyl siding is easy to install, you save money in the application costs.

With vinyl siding you can have the look you desire at a price that fits your wallet.

Our main expertise is vinyl. We know our vinyl, and do it well. It should go simply like this – “tell us what you want – we will show you where to look & help you find it.” This covers such a wide range of products from the common horizontal board vinyl siding, to vertical Board –n—Batten, insulated panels, cedar shakes, broad planks, and even exotic ones that are camouflaged or that look like they go on a log cabin.  There are many, many companies that produce vinyl, and we buy from several, but we try to cover all ranges for high end products to properly clad ones estate mansion or the basic vinyl that goes on an old shed out back on the farm. A quick tip on each company to look for:

Variform – Our main contractor line. They have great products and several lines to choose from, competitive priced, and many color options with a fast delivery. This is where you should look first for all your siding & trim needs.

RMC – great vinyl and lots of choices, homeowner friendly because they will break boxes open for you even on special lines that they offer like: Camouflage siding & trim, Log cabin siding & trim, Horizontal cedar plank vinyl. Also check out their Camo Siding, Log Cabin and Hardie Like vinyl siding.

Foundry – Home of vinyl shake siding, others keep trying to take their market share by imitation, and they keep failing. Its design – saves home owners money and installers time – is a building miracle to have those two features in one product. Too many colors are available, and three different profiles of cedar shakes and a new stone siding that looks like real hand cut limestone.

Novik – is the place to search for innovation. These guys have the cedar plank vinyl which imitates the fiber-cement vinyl without any up keep, no painting –ever, no caulking –ever, and this vinyl plank siding is a “green product.” Another line has a Stacked Stone that looks so real that will keep people guessing how you ever got the rock on your house laid so quickly. It is a great way to keep the environment in mind while obtaining the look you desire.  They also have a Brick vinyl siding, a Slate roof tile, and much more. Check them out.

Certainteed - A company that does R&D all day every day. These guys have more color options that anyone else; it is tough to decide on what color scheme one should do their house in, well they can help, with a full time design team that will make color choice suggestions for you.

Nailite by Exteria
- Nailite is known for distinction, curb appeal, and durability to each and every home that wears its siding. Whether you’re looking for cedar, stone, or brick, we have a collection of options to make your home’s exterior a direct reflection of you.

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